Maintenance services

The exterior maintenance of a home or business takes time, energy and investment. As soon as the snow melts, you have to remove branches and debris from the property, prepare the lawn by dethatching it, put the flower beds back into order and trim the shrubs.

Throughout the summer, you have to cut the grass and maintain the landscaping. When fall arrives, heaps of leaves have to be picked up. In the winter, snow must be removed from passageways and sidewalks to ensure the complete safety of the members of your family or your clients. Over the seasons, numerous outdoor maintenance tasks take up your time and energy, eating into the time you could spend enjoying your property in complete peace of mind.

Moreover, purchasing the equipment you need for all this exterior maintenance costs a considerable amount and requires large storage areas.

Why not free yourself from these arduous chores and assign them to an expert, passionate and dedicated team? The Entretien SJB team works rigorously to satisfy and even surpass the expectations of each client. Thanks to our professional equipment and the expertise the team has acquired over the years, Entretien SJB has taken on numerous projects.

Exterior Maintenance Service

A team of experts

Entretien SJB makes sure your property is maintained well so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

House Cleaning Service

A conscientious team

Entretien SJB thoroughly cleans commercial buildings, offices or residences with multiple units.

Removal of snow from sidewalks and stairs

A rapid, efficient team

Entretien SJB offers a manual snow removal service for sidewalks and stairs, for residential or commercial properties.

You have specific indoor or outdoor maintenance needs?

For any other maintenance project, Entretien SJB will make its expertise available to you.